Southern African Humanities

Vol 29 (2016): Elands Bay Cave and the Stone Age of the Verlorenvlei, South Africa

Table of Contents


Three arcs: observations on the archaeology of the Elands Bay and northern Cederberg landscapes
A. Mackay : 1-15

Elands Bay Cave: keeping an eye on the past
J. E. Parkington : 17-32

Update on the 2011 excavation at Elands Bay Cave (South Africa) and the Verlorenvlei Stone Age
G. Porraz, V. C. Schmid, C. E. Miller, C. Tribolo, C. R. Cartwright, A. Charrié-Duhaut, M. Igreja, S. Mentzer, N. Mercier, P. Schmidt, N. J. Conard, P.-J. Texier, J. E. Parkington : 33-68

Site-formation processes at Elands Bay Cave, South Africa PDF
C. E. Miller, S. M. Mentzer, C. Berthold, P. Leach, B. Ligouis, C. Tribolo, J. E. Parkington, G. Porraz : 69-128

Chronology of the Pleistocene deposits at Elands Bay Cave (South Africa) based on charcoals, burnt lithics, and sedimentary quartz and feldspar grains
C. Tribolo, N. Mercier, H. Valladas, Y. Lefrais, C. E. Miller, J. E. Parkington, G. Porraz : 129-52

The ‘MSA 1’ of Elands Bay Cave (South Africa) in the context of the southern African Early MSA technologies
V. C. Schmid, N. J. Conard, J. E. Parkington, P.-J. Texier, G. Porraz : 153-201

A shape to the microlithic Robberg from Elands Bay Cave (South Africa)
G. Porraz, M. Igreja, P. Schmidt, J. E. Parkington : 203-47

The wood charcoal evidence from renewed excavations at Elands Bay Cave, South Africa
C. R. Cartwright, G. Porraz, J. E. Parkington : 249-58

Large mammal and tortoise bones from Elands Bay Cave (South Africa): implications for Later Stone Age environment and ecology
R. G. Klein, K. Cruz-Uribe : 259-82

Holocene hunter-gatherers and adhesive manufacture in the West Coast of South Africa
A. Charrié-Duhaut, G. Porraz, M. Igreja, P.-J. Texier, J. E. Parkington : 283-306

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